Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Florals from Fall

Indecision is a pretty common trend in my life. Something I try to work on for sure (hello, 2016 resolutions), but it continues to pop up unannounced. This summer I changed my fall class schedule and life plans every time I breathed. Okay, twice a day. While I'll admit that's still an exaggeration, I did change my mind a few times. In the end, my love for children and art reigned supreme and I stuck with special education, and added in a painting class as well. Part of me went into it planning on adding an art minor, and part of me just really needed to paint. As logical as I am, I do things like this just for the sake of it sometimes. The thrill in it to me is probably comparable to someone else deciding to sky dive, but it still counts.
Taking this class ended up being a good decision, both because of the people I met and fun times in class, as well as the paintings I had at the end! The majority of the semester was spent creating three paintings of a theme of choice. It was harder than I anticipated to select a theme, and even harder to find and select photos to paint. Eventually I decided, and the paintings below are the result of hours of painting...

This is the first painting I worked on. I took the original photo of a flower outside my old dorm.
(9" x 12")

The second painting, and probably my favorite. I actually took this photo from a friend's instagram when I saw it and fell in love. 
(12" x 12")

The third and most difficult piece! The smaller rose on the right was actually not in the original and I had to make it up on my own. Roses are more complex than you'd think, but in my opinion this one turned out pretty well! The original photo is of a bouquet of roses my boyfriend, Carter, gave me on my birthday.
(9" x 12")

This collection is now hanging proudly over the couch in my parents' living room. My mom has been asking me to do something for the living room for a while now, and these actually match the colors and happy mood she's aiming for quite well!

Coming soon: A recap of the most wonderful time of the year, CHRISTMAS!,  and some of my current most favorite ways to stay creative over Christmas break!