Friday, September 30, 2011

And the Journey Begins!

I was challenged by an artist that I've been spending time with to begin my own art blog. Starting today I'll be taking this task on and posting my art, inspiration, and things I've created.
My art is generally colored pencils or acrylic, but I love to use mixed media (stay tuned... I'll have something up with fabric and buttons on canvas sometime soon!) 
My inspiration can be art, a quote, and is very often a Bible verse or song lyrics. (You'll find I will post lyrics a lot, not necessarily because they have anything to do with the artwork posted, but because that's a song I've felt inspired by or just simply enjoyed recently.)
I love to create... the possibilities are endless!

"I have found a peace that ploughs on through the storm.
I have found a joy that jumps over sadness.
I have found a love that lights up every room.
I have found, I've found You!" 
(I Have Found; Kim Walker)


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  1. Emily, this is beautiful! I am looking forward to seeing your creative journey in the Lord! I can't wait to see you next week. Very well done!