Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just brightening my January days...

For the past few days I've been visiting my grandparents. My grandmother shares my love for crafts which always results in lots of creative fun. 
We took a trip to AC Moore with my cousin for wooden things to decoupage. I ended up with a small shadow box. It didn't start out with a particular theme, but a traveling theme developed as i added things to the box. 

Years ago I learned to knit, and recently I pulled out the knitting again. I'm working on a long grey scarf right now that will eventually have ribbons and tassel-like things on the ends. The peach and green are for another project I will start soon... pictures will be up once I've started it!

This is a picture of what resulted from me having free time and being surrounded by craft stuff! This will eventually be a little journal! Some of the pages are decorative, others are plain, and the whole thing will be bound by ribbon!

I must say, one of my favorite things ever is painting pottery. When I come to my grandparents house there's a lovely little place where you can paint your pottery and get it fired. I love to go when I come here! In fact, my grandmother, cousin, and I have gone so many times the shop owner and the girl that works there know us! We've already gone twice, and I'm hoping to sneak in another visit tomorrow! 

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  1. Wow! You weren't joking when you said you would be having a creative visit! Your amazing!