Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Presenting: The Beginnings of (Insert Project Title Here)

Several weeks ago I had this concept for a new painting. I could see it in my mind, but I couldn't quite put it into words. I have been working with Garnet Goldman on this project since that initial idea. We put into words the idea I had and made a little action plan. So far I have a 24" x 24" partially primed canvas and lots of little squares waiting for mini pictures. 

So here's the idea: 

This is a twist on a self portrait. It is not really of myself, but will clearly express my views, interests and lessons I am learning. I am dividing my canvas into 144 2"x2" squares. Each square represents something whether it be an interest of mine or a Bible verse. Several of the squares I designed this week came straight from Psalm 119. Although, that is not clear unless you know it and have the verses in front of you. But that's basically the point. Other squares represent concepts related to the World vs. Christ. For example, the moon represents darkness (world) the square below it, once completed, represents light (Christ). The big swirl represents chaos (world). The vertical lines descending to the people represent glory (Christ). You get the idea, right? 

Here's a close up of a few squares...

Once all 144 squares are planned, I will painstakingly paint each one onto the canvas. An clear, iridescent outline of my face will go on top (confirming that this is a sort of self portrait). I am super excited to see the face, because on top of the paint will be tons of little bitty glass balls. 

As I make progress, I will also make posts about it. So be on the lookout! As of now I have 24 squares down and 120 to go. I am praying for revelation and concepts for each of the remaining squares! 
Also, as you can see, this project is yet to have a name. As I work I am trusting some clever, inspired name will come along. 


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