Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How-to-Draw: Contour Tree

This project idea was found on artprojectsforkids.com
I am posting this for use in the art camps that I am teaching this summer. 
Parents, please take a look at some of the projects your kids will be or have been doing in camp! They may even want to use these templates to teach you or their siblings what they have learned.

How-to-Draw: Contour Tree 

  • Bristol or Drawing paper
  • Pencil
  • Marker/Sharpie/Pen
  • Colored pencils/Markers

Step 1: Begin by drawing an outline of a tree. It should stretch at least half of the height of the paper and be wide enough that it looks very prominent. Include roots on the bottom. Draw two more vertical lines that visually divide the tree into three vertical sections. Next draw horizontal lines in each section. They are going to curve up in the middle of each section and connect, making it look like one curvy line stretches across the whole tree, which adds dimension. 

Step 2: Next draw a horizontal wavy line that crosses behind the tree. This is the horizon. Continue drawing horizontal wavy lines throughout the rest of the sky. 

Step 3: Do the same thing on the ground, but this time draw your lines closer together. 

Step 4: Using a black marker, outline the main lines to highlight each separate element of your drawing.

Step 5: Add color! Use different shades to make it interesting. For example, instead of just drawing green grass, fill in the area between each line with a different shade of green. Do use only shades of one color however. If you put blue, orange, and pink in the sky for example, and brown, yellow, and purple on the tree, the different sections of your picture will begin to blend. 

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